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Defrosti Tray

Defrost food safely and up to 10x faster! The must-have kitchen gadget for all forgetful home chefs looking to make their lives easier.


✔️ Defrost food quickly and easily: Get the job done quickly and easily without the use of any electricity or radiation.

✔️ Mess-Free Design:No need to worry about the water getting everywhere from defrosting foods, our Defrosti Tray features a plate underneath to catch all water.

✔️ Stress Less:Never worry about forgetting to leave the meat out or in the fridge overnight to defrost.

✔️ Dishwasher Safe:A breeze to clean, simply stick it in the dishwasher or wash in the sink like any other plate.


✔️ Defrost Tray Size: 14 L x 8 W x 0.24 H (Inches) ✔️ Drip Tray Size: 15.4 L x 9.2 W x 1.2 H (Inches)

✔️ Material: Alumininum / PP Plastic / Silicone

Delivery Time:

US, Canada, Europe, Australia: 7-15 days
Other countries: 10-20 days

Handling time: Ships within 1 to 3 business days